Do everything in Love


By Kristen Kilpatrick

"Do everything in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

This is my all time favorite bible verse for multiple reasons.

This verse is a constant reminder to love. In everyday life, there are so many situations that make loving feel hard and forgiveness seem out of the question. I always look back on this verse and remind myself of the love that Jesus gives me and how I should aim to love just as Jesus does.

When I was younger, my mom would always say things such as, "Love is a big word!" Love may not literally be a big word, but it is definitely a HUGE action. Choosing to love someone no matter the situation and no matter the person is a big task sometimes. It may be hard to completely forgive someone and show nothing but love and kindness, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't!!! God has shown unconditional love and forgiveness towards us, and there is no reason we shouldn't show unconditional love and forgiveness to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Making decisions purely out of love for another person (and not yourself) is difficult. It's so easy to make decisions that make you happy and satisfy your earthly wants instead of thinking about other peoples feelings involved. Choosing to show love in your decisions is something everyone needs to take into more consideration.

An act of love in a moment of anger will save you from a lifetime of regret. This society often forgets to apply that saying. Our generation is so immediate, everything happens so quickly, and it gets hard to sit and focus on loving those around us for a second. Sometimes we forget to serve and listen to others. Doing everything in love is a way of life, and I promise it is the easiest way of life. It's something that takes practice and discipline. And in the hard times, it is not always natural, but those who do everything in love are building their true home in heaven, and they will be blessed. Those that show grace to the undeserving will be blessed. That is a promise.

Overall, love is SO important.
Choose love, always.