Guarding Our Minds

By Morgan Perry

In today's society, there are things that are constantly popping up that pollutes our mind. For example, music, TV, magazines, the Internet, our phones, etc. 

In an average US home, the TV is played 7 hours and 12 minutes!!! 
You're probably thinking there is no way that you watch that much tv a day, but think about it. Maybe you aren't sitting on the couch for a consistent 7 hours watching tv, but maybe your on your phone, or doing the dishes, but you're still listening!!! Even if it isn't a full 7 hours, maybe it's just 30 minutes, but within seconds our brain can become hooked on something whether it's good or bad. 

Technology has drastically changed our generation. Our phones are basically computers that we have access to all the time. Technology complicates everything. It makes communication harder, because we, humans, would rather text about the conflict than to talk about it in person. We would rather Google the definition to vocabulary words than look them up in a dictionary. I've been there, we all have. I'm guilty of it all. 

Because of how much we have been exposed to the brokenness of the world, we as Christians, have to work really hard to make sure our minds, ears, eyes, and hearts are guarded. 
So what does that look like? 
Jenna told you about guarding your heart last week so if you want to know about that go read last weeks blog! It's awesome! 
But here's how you can guard your mind, ears, and eyes. 
I always ask my self these two questions: 
1) Could I be watching/listening to/reading this with my parents (or a mentor)  in the room and it not be awkward? 
2) Is this pointing me towards the kingdom of  God? 

I'll tell you a kind of awkward story that goes along with this.
One day, me and my dad rented a movie thinking it would be appropriate for us to watch together. We got about half way through it and realized that they were about to get a little physical, and I begged my dad to leave the room and he responded with "if you can watch it, why can't I?" And it hit me. The answers to both of those questions were no, so why was I still watching it? Because I was acting out of flesh. 

People, our flesh is strong, but God is stronger. It is hard to say no to worldly pleasures because we know it can satisfy in the moment, but if we hold on to the promises He's made to us, we will be satisfied abundantly! He can offer so much more than the world can.