Choosing Joy

By Jenna Morris

This past Wednesday, I came to school, and I was not happy. I had tons of make-up work to do from a day I was absent, but I was late to tutorials. That day, my school gave us ID cards, and they put the wrong picture on my card. I had completely forgotten about money to bring for a homecoming t-shirt. I didn't understand a lick of what was going on in Chemistry, and how to convert scientific notation into regular notation, so yes I was frustrated. 

By the time third period came around, I was ready to complain to whoever was willing to listen. I wasn't going to be nice to anybody, because I didn't feel like it. I ESPECIALLY was not planning on serving anyone, because I didn't have the energy. I was being completely selfish in the midst of my emotions. 

I was walking to my third period class, when I heard the Lord speak to me. He said, "Jenna I call you to first love Me, then  love people in all that do you. would complaining/pouting be showing examples of loving Me and loving people?" Right then, I felt convicted. I didn't even argue with Him, I knew what I was called to do.  So then on, all day, I kept repeating to myself, "Love God, love people. Love God, love people. Love God, love people." Once I got to third period, I changed my attitude. instead of agonizing over everything going wrong that day, I focused on the greater story that I was merely a tiny fraction of. 

Let's all get this in our heads right now. This movie called life is not starring you, or me, or your best friend, or your brother. It stars the Lord, it should always star the Lord. 

Isaiah 40:28 says, 

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. 

He is so much greater than us. His thoughts are so much bigger than ours. His plans are so much better than ours. His understanding is unsearchable. Though that is the case, I will not deny that sometimes life hurts and things get hard, but you have to remember who is bigger, the problem or the Father? 

Yes Wednesday morning was not a good morning, we all have our bad days. And that's the beauty of it, when I didn't want to be used, God used me. And if I'm telling the truth here guys, that one act of loving God and loving people in my actions, made my day so so so much better. 

So if you take anything from this blog post, take this. Trust God and choose joy. I know it's so much easier to say than do. TRUST ME, I KNOW. Pick out some joyful verses and write them on notecards. When you're struggling to choose joy, whip out those notecards and soak yourself in them. speak life into yourself, or ask someone to speak life into you. Trust God and choose joy, that's a motto.