Riptide's Vision

We want to empower relational living to advance kingdom causes. Meaning, no matter how big our goal gets, no matter how much it changes, we will walk in healthy relationship with people first and foremost. We believe that in order for people to really grasp what we are doing, We must pursue them in relationship. We are pro unity for our community. Aside from ourselves and what the world says, we just want to love on people before it all in order for The Lords kingdom to be built. 

After that, we want to stir up people's hearts. We want to challenge them to know The Father in all He is. We want people to experience the true relationship we can have with God that most christians often miss out on. We want people to understand that Christianity is not just a life style or a checklist, but there is an intimate relationship we get to have with the most high King! The only way we know how to do that right now is through words. We post blogs, Vlogs, and podcasts. We are living in a fallen world, simply filling a void right in front of us. We are open to change and expect our ministry's dreams/vision to change. But right now we just want to share our hearts! 

We would love for you to stick around and hear our hearts!